Porcelain Veneers on 8 Upper Teeth

In this case Dr Sunny used Porcelain Veneers on the upper 8 teeth to restore the broken smile, close spaces in-between the teeth and produce a wider, brighter smile.

No Drilling Composite Veneers with our Predesigned Technique

In this case we used our predesigned technique to restore the worn down, broken teeth.

Our predesign technique allows us to plan the composite veneers prior to placement. We transfer our bespoke design with a mould which fits over the patients natural teeth.

No drilling was done to the natural tooth. 8 teeth have been treated in total.

Replacing an old crown and closing spaces

In this case the patent was unhappy with a previously placed crown on her front tooth which was the wrong colour. She also wanted to close the middle gap and improve symmetry of the smile.

Dr Sunny has used a new porcelain crown on the front tooth and composite veneers on the surrounding teeth to close the gap and reshape the teeth.

The composite veneers were done with no drilling to the natural teeth and is a beautiful example of how composite veneers and porcelain can work in harmony together.

Closing a small gap and correcting mild misalignment with Composite Bonding

Our patient disliked the second tooth which appeared to be sticking out causing a gap to be present with the tooth behind.

She also wanted to improve symmetry of the smile and create more even edges.

Dr Sunny used direct composite edge bonding to close the space and disguise the appearance of the sticking out tooth.

This was completed in one appointment with no alteration to the natural tooth.

Creating a neater smile with composite edge bonding

Our patient wanted to improve the length and symmetry of the smile with a non-invasive treatment. He also wanted to hide the yellow patch affecting his second tooth.

Direct composite edge bonding was used without any drilling to the natural teeth and completed in 1 appointment.

Creating more even edges with Composite Edge Bonding

Dr Sunny used direct composite edge bonding to improve the symmetry of the smile as the patent wanted to increase the length of the second teeth.

The patient wanted to maintain a natural result and retain some translucency in the composite edge bonding. Dr Sunny has beautifully retained the natural aesthetics of the teeth and enhanced the shapes delicately.

Gap Closure with Pre-Designed Composite Veneers

In this case the patient was unhappy with the middle gap. The new smile was digitally designed in advance which allowed for planning to be done to enable the exact amount of addition required to each tooth to produce symmetry in the final smile.

This case was completed without any alteration to the natural tooth. 8 teeth were treated.

Case completed by Dr Sunny at Maison Dental Knightsbridge.