Composite Conditioning™

Composite Conditioning is an exclusive service to Maison Dental. Our specifically designed composite conditioning process combines cleaning of your composite bonding and natural teeth, allowing you to maintain your smile makeover results.

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About Composite Conditioning™

Composite Conditioning™ treatment is one of our exclusive in-house process to maintain your composite treatments at their best*. Combining hygiene therapy with specific composite maintenance techniques allows the optimum appearance of your composite makeover.

Composite Conditioning™ includes the following:

  • Water scaling and polishing for all of the teeth
  • Interdental cleaning
  • Composite polishing discs
  • Diamond Composite Polishing Wheels
  • Airflow polishing (a high-pressure powder stain removal)
  • Composite Conditioning Paste

*This service is only available to patients who have had composite treatments completed at one of our Maison Dental clinics.


Fee Guide

This treatment costs £180.00 paid upon booking.

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