Pre-Designed Composite Veneers

Pre-designed composite veneers allow us to create your new smile with thin coverings of composite resin over your natural teeth (with no drilling to the natural tooth required). These veneers have been designed and approved by you prior to your final treatment.

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About Pre-Designed Composite Veneers

Composite veneers have the main benefit of not requiring any natural tooth reduction be placed. This also means that no injections are required.

  • Pre-designed composite veneers begin with a scan of your teeth to allow us to digitally create a new smile. From this digital design our in house laboratory will create a model of the new smile which can be copied directly into your mouth over your natural teeth using a mould which the composite is injected through.

    This means the final composite veneers copy the approved design which you will have seen prior to the final composite veneers being placed.

  • There is no need for injections with our pre-designed composite veneers and hence the treatment is comfotable.

  • The reason we have so much success is down to our planning. We will always have a digital version created and a physcial model of your new smile before beginning. This will allow us to place the new design in your mouth with a temporary veneer material over your natural teeth. We call this a trial smile.

    The trial smile can be adapted in your mouth on the day of the appointment to refine the design further once you have seen it in your mouth.

    The trial smile is generally placed on the same appointment of the final composite veneers.

  • We will be able to show you a variety of shades to choose from. You will then be able to select which shade you would like your final composite veneers.

    If only one arch is being treated we advise tooth whitening is done prior to the composite veneers to allow for the new shade wanted to blend in with the rest of the teeth.

  • Composite veneers function like normal teeth and hence they need to be treated with care. You will still need to maintain an excellent cleaning regime at home as well as visiting our therapists to allow for professional cleaning.

    The composite material is bonded to the natural tooth structure and hence there is no gaps or spaces in which anything can get stuck.

  • Composite veneers last in the region of 5 years before requiring replacement.

  • Composite can be sanded off your natural teeth carefully without undue damage to your natural tooth. Some of the polishing discs will touch the natural tooth and hence a grainy feeling can present for a short time. The natural tooth can be polished to make the enamel feel as normal.

    Composite veneers however are not designed to be removed and we mostly advise they are replaced with either new composite veneers or porcelain veneers when they are due to be replaced.

  • Since composite is a resin it is more susceptible to discolouration in comparison to porcelain or natural enamel.

    Our composite conditioning treatment is ideal to maintain and preserve the shade and condition of composite veneers alongside a diet which is not high is staining foods/drinks such as coffee, red wine and curries.

    We highly also recommend that you do not smoke with composite veneers as this will lead to significant discolouration.

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