Dental Bridges

A fixed replacement for missing teeth. 

Dental Bridges can be used to fill a space or gap in your mouth as long as you have a healthy natural tooth of your own that can be used to hold the bridge in place.

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About Dental Bridges

A bridge is a custom-made restoration procedure that ‘bridges’ one or more missing teeth. This process involves replacing a missing tooth with a false tooth that is bonded to your natural teeth on either side of the gap. Depending on your teeth structure, we can offer the two different types of bridges to give you your dream smile.

  • The false tooth (to fill the space) is attached to one or more of your natural teeth using a dental crown. The crown is placed over your natural tooth. Conventional bridges are durable, lasting for approximately 10 years; however, this option is destructive as the natural tooth has to be reduced in size to make space for the crown. The problem with this is that by cutting the tooth to make it smaller the nerve of the tooth can die which may lead to an abscess forming. This happens in approximately 5% of teeth that have a crown placed within 10 years.

  • The false tooth (to fill the space) is attached to one of your natural teeth using a thin metal wing. The metal wing is cemented to the back of one of your natural teeth. This method often does not involve any natural tooth removal and therefore, is a safer option. However, due to the bridge holding on only by a thin metal wing, they are more likely to de-bond and come off in comparison to conventional bridges.

  • A dental x-ray is required normally to assess the health of the teeth on either side of the space that you want replacing as the bridge will have to be held on by one or both of the teeth.

  • Yes, you can. Here at Maison Dental focus on cosmetic enhancements and smile makeovers.

    To find out more and transform your smile, please book an initial consultation today to see if you’re suitable for this procedure.

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