An individual replacement for a missing tooth or full mouth rehabilitation for patients who have lost all their teeth. 

Having a missing tooth can impact your lifestyle, including your eating habits and your speech. At Maison Dental, we offer dental implants to restore your function and confidence.

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About Implant

A long term solution to hide missing teeth
Dental implant surgery is a surgical procedure that replaces missing teeth by inserting a titanium screw into the jaw bone to support an artificial tooth – the implant. This provides a long term solution that replicates your natural teeth. We offer a variety of implants, including singular implants, bridges and implant retained dentures.

  • Missing teeth can often cause cosmetic and functional issues. Unfortunately, if you have lost a single tooth the prospect of wearing a removable denture is not very pleasant.

    Dental Implants are effective in replacing missing teeth. They are a completely fixed solution and will restore your bite and smile.

  • If you have several missing teeth a dental implant bridge is a perfect way to replace multiple missing teeth to provide you with a fixed, permanent solution. Dental Implant bridges can be used to replace only a few missing teeth or even a full mouth of missing teeth. You will get a great cosmetic result and also improved function overall, this will hopefully restore your overall confidence.

  • If you have been suffering from loose, unstable dentures then dental implants could be the solution for you. The main problem with dentures is that they rely on a few of your remaining teeth or just the gums alone to hold them in place. Implant dentures can be secured by using as little as two implants in the lower jaw and four implants in the upper jaw. Often your current denture can be adapted and can give you the confidence to bite back into your favourite foods and smile with pride.

  • There are many reasons why someone may choose to have a implant retained denture, with the main reason being confidence and stability of the denture. Other reasons why include:
    -Improves functionality
    -Long-term solution

  • Many patients fear that dental implants are painful however during the procedures you will be completely via the use of local anaesthetics and hence will not feel anything from the procedure.

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