Correcting misaligned teeth and creating more even edges with Direct Composite Bonding

Our patient disliked the front tooth that was sticking forward and the set back second tooth. She also wanted to create more even edges of the teeth to produce an overall more symmetrical smile.

Dr Steven has used direct composite veneers to the upper 8 teeth with no drilling to the natural teeth in one appointment.

This case was completed without braces.

Covering patchy teeth with Direct Composite Veneers

Dr Steven has used direct composite veneers to cover the patches on our patients teeth. The white patches are due to an enamel abnormality and do not go away from teeth whitening.

The patient has opted for composite bonding to avoid the need for reduction of the natural tooth.

This was completed in one appointment and was completed using hand-layered composite veneers on the upper front 6 teeth.

Correcting misalignment and edges with Direct Composite Edge Bonding

Our patient wanted to created a straighter looking smile and to improve the overall symmetry. The patient wanted to avoid the use of braces.

The second tooth was set back which was disguised with direct composite bonding alongside creating more even edges of the other teeth.

Dr Steven has used direct composite bonding on the upper 8 teeth.

Restoring broken edges and creating a neater smile

In this case composite edge bonding was used on the front 6 teeth to improve the short appearance of the second teeth, improve symmetry & repair the worn edges. No alteration was done to the natural tooth.