Correcting Crowding and Broken Edges with Composite Bonding

In this case a direct composite veneer was used on the patients upper right second tooth to bring this forward. Composite edge bonding was used on the remaining teeth up to the fourth tooth on each side. No alteration is done to the natural teeth.

Correcting small misalignments with direct composite bonding

Dr Hamzah has used direct composite bonding to improve the shape of the teeth and hide the slightly sticking out, twisted second tooth.

The side view reflects how by treating teeth further back alongside the front teeth with composite bonding allows for continued symmetry and a more harmonious end result. In total 10 teeth (5 on each side) have been treated overall.

A combination of composite edge bonding and direct composite veneers (4th and 5th tooth) have been used in this case.

In-Office Teeth Whitening followed by Composite Veneers and Edge Bonding

Dr Hamzah has completed a full smile transformation for this case starting with hygiene and in-office teeth whitening followed by the use of direct composite veneers on the upper 8 teeth. This allowed Dr Hamzah to hide the large white mark affecting the front tooth and close the middle gap.

Composite edge bonding was done on the lower front 4 teeth also to improve the length and symmetry of the smile.

6 Teeth Composite Edge Bonding and 4 Composite Veneers to create a more even, wider smile

Dr Hamzah has used direct composite edge bonding on the upper 6 teeth to improve the lengths and symmetry of the front teeth alongside direct composite veneers on the 4th and 5th on each side to widen the smile.

The reason the direct composite veneers were used on the teeth further back is to widen the smile.

This has been completed with no alteration to the natural teeth.

Invisalign, Teeth Whitening & 10 Upper Composite Veneers

Dr Hamzah has completed a full smile makeover for our patient starting with the use of Invisalign, followed by our in-office teeth whitening treatment and completed with 10 Direct Upper Composite Veneers to further enhance the shape and colour of the teeth.

In this case Dr Hamzah hand-layered the composite veneers directly over the natural tooth. This is done without any drilling to the natural tooth or injections.

8 Teeth Composite Edge Bonding

Dr Hamzah has used direct composite bonding on 8 teeth to improve the harmony of the smile as the patient felt that the upper front two teeth appeared too long. He has also hidden the small misalignments and closed small spaces between the teeth.

Pre-Designed Composite Veneers

In this case our patient had small white spots affecting the front teeth and overall wanted a bolder more noticeable and even smile.

She preferred the pre-design technique to allow for her to visualise on herself how the new veneers would look.

This case was digitally planned to create the new smile which was then further refined by hand.

Case completed by Dr Hamzah at Maison Dental Manchester.