Closing Upper & Lower Gaps with Composite Bonding

In this case Dr Danya uses composite bonding on 6 upper teeth and 6 lower teeth to close the gaps and completely transform the smile. A beautiful result was achieved with no drilling to the natural teeth.

8 Porcelain Veneers to close gaps and reshape the teeth

Our patient was unhappy with the large gaps affecting his smile and declined the use of braces to improve this.

He wanted a treatment that could be completed in a short space of time and Dr Danya used 8 upper porcelain veneers to change the shape and size of the teeth.

The teeth were altered to create the right dimensions for the gaps to be closed with porcelain veneers avoiding the need for braces.

8 Direct Composite Veneers

Dr Danya has used direct composite veneers which have been hand-layered without any drilling to the natural tooth to change the shape, colour and alignment of the teeth.

This was completed in 1 appointment.

Composite edge bonding for space closure and subtle changes

In this case Dr Danya used direct composite edge bonding to close the small middle gap and improve the lengths of the side teeth.

The composite edge bonding is directly added to the edges of the teeth without the need for any drilling to the natural tooth.

This was completed in 1 appointment.

Mixed use of composite veneers and a porcelain bridge

In this case the patient present with pre-existing work done overseas. The patient was unhappy with her smile and wanted to improve things both aesthetics and function.

The front teeth were restored with new composite veneers and a new porcelain bridge was placed on the left hand side to restore an ill-fitting poorly coloured existing bridge.

Overall the restorations blend seamlessly and have restored the patients confidence when smiling/speaking.

10 Direct Composite Veneers to completely transform the smile

Dr Danya has used 10 direct composite veneers to change the shade, close large gaps and reshape the teeth.

Dr Danya delicately hand-layered the composite veneers to create the dramatic change to the smile and surrounding features.

This was compelled in 1 appointment without any drilling to the natural teeth.

Lengthening short second teeth with Composite Bonding

Our patient was unhappy with the small size of the second teeth and the shape of the front 6 teeth. She wanted an enhancement and to create better symmetry of the smile.

This was completed in 1 appointment with no alteration to the natural teeth with the use of composite edge bonding.