We believe in catering for the bespoke needs of every patient and pride ourselves on creating a relaxed, calm environment. Extending our services beyond convention is part of our ethos to ensure that you receive the best experience possible. We offer a variety of price plans to suit differing requirements and needs including 0% interest free finance. We hope to welcome you to Maison Dental soon.


Dr Alex Al-Shaikh

Dr Alex Al-Shaikh is our principal dentist and clinical director. He established Maison Dental in the summer of 2017, which has grown rapidly and is now across 3 major cities (Leeds, Manchester and London) within the UK. He is a content creator and organises all of the Maison Dental campaigns which have broken the mould in the way in which dentistry is marketed in the UK. His main focus is now on the brand development and the consultation phase for our porcelain veneer treatments.

Find Out About Our Facial Aesthetic Treatments

We offer a full range of anti-ageing and facial rejuvenation treatments including wrinkle reducing injections and dermal fillers. Find out more about them or book your free consultation.

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