Lip Fillers

Fuller, juicier lips are becoming top of many girls most wanted list. Having experience in both teeth and skin is a great combination when creating an improved lip shape as the balance between your teeth and lip size is very important to produce a beautiful result. We regularly see shock horror celebrity pictures where there has not been enough attention given to the surrounding features of that person. We believe in making sure all enhancements are done in a natural way by looking at the face and smile as a whole and tailoring the treatment to each individual.

Lip enhancements are done using dermal filler syringes. The number of syringes that are required will depend on the volume you would like and the current state of your lips.

If a big change is wanted this may have to be done over a few visits so that the filler is not all injecting at once thus the lips are not stretched too much, that can result in a very unnatural appearance.

We have indicators of lip size so we can show you your current status and then determine what you would like to achieve.