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Dr Alex Al-Shaikh is a renowned advanced botox practitioner. He regularly performs treatments to improve the appearance of men and women of all ages. Please book a free consultation so that he can give you a customised treatment plan to make sure you achieve the results you want.

What Are Wrinkle Reducing Injections?

This is becoming one of the most commonly asked for procedures for both men and women. Botulinum Toxin also known as Botox is particularly renowned for its short-term improvement of facial wrinkles and is being used throughout the world in the application of non surgical cosmetic treatments to smooth out unwanted wrinkles and lines.

It is a natural, purified protein that has been used for therapeutic purposes for decades. It is proven to be safe, reliable and effective, which is why it has become so popular.

How Does it Work?

Repetitive facial expressions cause the tiny muscles under the skin to contract, gradually creating wrinkles.

When injected directly into these muscles, the injection stops nerve impulses reaching the area and causing further contractions.

The muscle relaxes, which smoothes the skin covering the muscle.

In some cases, with repeated treatments, the wrinkle can actually disappear.

The effects of muscle relaxing injections are restricted to the treatment areas and do not travel throughout the body.

Are muscle relaxing injections painful?

Some people feel some very mild discomfort, but most find the procedure painless. We can apply a numbing gel to the face before injecting if necessary.

Is it Safe?

The U.S Food and Drug administration have approved the use of botox for use in a number of conditions from wrinkles to severe sweating. The doses used for treating wrinkles are about 55 times lower than the toxic level.

Like all drugs Botox can have some side effects, which can include, bruising and swelling. We always take a thorough medical history to ensure that you are suitable for treatment. As all treatments are carried out by Dr Alex Al-Shaikh who has extensive experience using the product you will be in very safe hands.


Each application of Botox takes around 10 or 15 minutes and the results become apparent within 2 to 5 days.

The results should last between 3 and 5 months, and, if the treatment is repeated, this time may lengthen with each procedure.

Below are some images showing the before and after results of a client treated with botox.

What areas can Botox Treat?

The most commonly requested areas are the forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet and depending on how much movement you would like after the treatment these three areas can normally be treated with 50 units of botox.

Other treatments that Dr Alex Al-Shaikh regularly performs with botox include:

  • Gummy smile reduction – this treatment lowers the height of the upper lip when smiling. Some people show as much gum as tooth when they smile, which is often not very pleasant. This treatment is a great way of improving your look and very simple also.
  • Bunny Line Reduction – Another very popular treatment to get rid of those unwanted bunny lines that appear on the sides of our nose.
  • Excessive sweating reduction – A very effective treatment that reduces sweating and gives confidence to people who have suffered from this problem. Also replaces other sprays and powders that can often not be very effective.