Children Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry

It is very common for children to have a fear of the unknown. Unfortunately this leads to many children being frightened of the dentist.

Here at Maison Dental we make it a priority that every child is carefully treated to avoid any fear beginning. We invite all children to be seen at the practice from around 6months of age when they just start to get there first baby teeth. There is no charge to see any children upto the Age of 3.

By introducing them to the dental environment early they become used to the smell, sounds and surroundings. Combine with our delicate manner and fun twist on dental check ups children can actually enjoy coming to the dentist.

We are focused on education and prevention techniques to teach them how to look after there teeth.
We also have great orthodontic services to enable your child to have braces if needed when they reach the correct age.